The main object of the Company is:

To extract, procure, mature, distill, draw, mix, crush and separate from the plants, seeds, agriculture produce and all types of vegetation, juices, and alkaloids such as nicotine, caffeine, tenin, morphine, codeine, strychnine, nuxvomicase, brucine and manufacture of all types of Agro chemicals, for barely malt, maltose, malt sugar, and all its derivatives and procure, trade, obtain, import, export, assemble, sell and deal in all such varieties as mentioned above, either independently or in partnership with others or by taking over any concern dealing in such items. We believe in conducting business ethically, legally and transparently.

We have put in place, robust systems, process and internal controls to ensure compliance to all the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we are present. Our operating standards and marketing programs are tailored to meet the precise local standards of each market.

The Company was a pioneer manufacturer of natural color based on modern technology. The monopoly that India once enjoyed in these commodities has been eroded over the year with the entry of other countries in the field. While tobacco exports have been affected by anti-smoking campaigns, the exports of rice, fruits and vegetables have been assed to the basket of exports from India.

Demand of food color in India is still limited in view of non-availability of the same at reasonable prices. With fast food catching on India, it is only matter of time that domestic consumption will also pick-up.